Getting Insurance For Your Home

Insuring our homes against disasters or losses, can longer be viewed as an option, but this is now a necessity. Without getting insurance for your house would almost be like sleeping without locking the doors.

A home is one of your most valuable possessions. It usually contains all one’s belongings, memories and comforts and therefore needs to be kept safe. Ensuring it is fully secure is one of the most important things anyone can and must do.

Despite the best security protection measures that you can put in place, there is still the risk of theft, damage and natural disasters occurring that you can never fully eliminate. To protect your home should any of these issues occur, you will need home insurance. Additionally you can insure your home contents.

The Fire and Emergency Department was quite busy last year as it had to attend to numerous wild fires around the country.  Specifically in July 2019 the media reported how the nation was under siege as wild fires burnt properties, consumed thousands of hectares of grazing lands and threatened livelihoods. This once again brought the issue of insurance back into discussion as property owners now needed to file claims to replace destroyed items. This however worked for only those who had insured their properties.

Chief Fire Officer Jabulani Ndzimandze said property owners usually come to seek a report from the department after the firefighters had attended to an incident in their homes. He said insuring your home and internal contents therefore was very important.

“One cannot overemphasize the importance of insuring your property because after any disaster or fire you can be able to replace those items if they had been issued. Ours is to attend to the incidents and also give a report that insurers need about the suspected cause of the fire or incident,” he said.

If you need help finding a comprehensive home insurance cover which also includes home contents insurance, then consider the contacting insurance providers listed under the Financial Services Regulatory Authority (FSRA) website.

The insurance cover is also helpful for rebuilding costs for architects, engineers as well as temporary accommodation after a disaster.

According to information sourced from Momentum, to make sure that your home contents are fully protected and not underinsured, it is important to accurately calculate the value of all your possessions. The best way the insurers advise to do this is to move from room to room in your house and list everything you consider a possession, not just your most valuable items.


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