Technology Making Banking Easier

MANZINI-Imagine arriving at home at night and finding your electricity units are depleted and shops are now closed? There is no need to worry if you bank with FNB Swaziland like Simon Gondwe. Gondwe of Manzini said when he faced such a scenario, he simply purchased units using his mobile phone through the FNB Banking App and instantly obtained new units and power was

He said this is one of the convivences he loved about FNB’s safe and secure cellphone banking technology. “I do not need to drive back out and look for a place where I can buy electricity. I simply do it on my phone through FNB. It is great convenience for me. What I like is that it is a very reliable service and I have never experienced any problems with it.” Gondwe’s story is similar to that of other FNB Swaziland’s customers who expressed their satisfaction at the technology to enable the purchase of electricity using mobile devices during various interviews.

Lucelle Friedman of Manzini said she purchases electricity daily in small portions therefore just by using her cellphone she is able to constantly stay with power. “I am a pensioner and cannot buy electricity in bulk so I buy units in smaller quantities like E50 daily. I have no problems at all with the service.

Thanks to FNB I rarely need to have any money in my wallet because I do everything electronically. FNB is a great bank!” she said. Khulile Kunene said she was able to purchase electricity at anytime of the day thanks to FNB. “FNB’s Banking App works very well for me in terms of being able to buy electricity units. I love the fact that I can buy my units at any time and I do not have to go through the inconvenience of queuing at a shop. My App is useful for other things though like purchasing airtime as well,” she said.

The service to purchase electricity via your mobile has been effective for over 7 years thanks to a partnership with the Eswatini Electricity Company (EEC). This has helped cut queues as well as given customers convenience to purchase electricity from anywhere and at anytime without having to go to an outlet.

Electricity purchase is enabled on both Cellphone Banking and the FNB Banking App. To register for any of FNB’s electronic banking platforms is free at any branch and thereafter you have a banking experience at your fingertips at any time of the day. After completing your transaction on any of the FNB channels you will get a token number that you need to enter on your meter to recharge your prepaid electricity meter.


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