Blowing Eswatini’s Whistles Beyond Our Borders

Sports are unifying activities which see people from all corners of the kingdom gathers for various disciplines. In Eswatini soccer is the number one sport which attracts thousands of people to the stadiums every weekend. In 2005, Eswatini conformed to a new international trend of introducing a female referee to the game—Letticia Viana. For over a decade the lady referee has been a consistent and huge personality in the sport. She has become an inspiration to many young people to dare to dream and believe in their dreams. Seeing her on the soccer field with a whistle is also quite an interesting sight for people who come through to watch soccer matches as they enjoy the variety she brings.

The internationally recognised and experienced Viana is not only active on the soccer field but also has a qualification in sport management and recreation, an advanced diploma.

There she works as a sports development officer.

Started refereeing in 2005 and in 2007 was promoted to the Premier League of Swaziland and became the first lady in the history of Swazi football to achieve such.

In 2015, the lady born in 1985, became a FIFA accredited referee. This was a milestone again as she became the first Swazi female referee in history to have a FIFA badge.

“In 2016 got selected to officiate in women’s cup of nations in Cameroon, becoming the first Swazi to ever be selected to officiate in an AFCON in the history of Swazi refereeing,” she said.

Viana’s star keeps rising and her selection to international soccer games brings a positive spotlight to Eswatini and makes many fall in love with the tiny yet beautiful kingdom.



I love Eswatini because it is peaceful, a very respectful nation that provides equal opportunity for everyone regardless for your, race, gender and religion.



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