Eswatini: A Fountain For Excellent And Global Business People

The engine of any nation is driven by industries and behind those industries are dynamic men and women driving the vision to reality. Not only are some of these businesses contributing to Eswatini’s growth but they are also internationally recognized.


Thabiso ‘Waterman’ Kunene (Swaziland’s 2017 Entrepreneur of the Year Award winner) is a dynamic and innovative Swazi entrepreneur who strives to excel in whatever he puts his mind to.


Banking at FNB Swaziland for over five years, Kunene says the bank has played a substantial role in his development.

“I have been able to do business more efficiently through the innovations offered by FNB. I am proud to say there are many innovative and helpful global products that I have introduced to Eswatini,” he said.


Kunene has a substantial water and waste water experience and a comprehensive resume, having worked for blue chip companies like SAB Miller and General Electric as a Water Processes Technology Engineer. In addition to that, he holds a number of industry related certificates, a brewing qualification from SAB Miller, a Diploma in Chemical Engineering, a B Tech Degree in Chemical and Environmental Engineering and he quite recently completed his MBA with Regent Business School.


In July 2000, Thabiso established Waterman Swaziland with the aim of supplementing the services offered by the country’s only water utility company SWSC and over the years the company has succeeded in providing affordable retail and technical water solutions to the Swazi Nation and beyond our borders. Waterman Swaziland is located at the Gables Complex in Ezulwini and is proudly the first Swazi company to establish and operate a one-stop water shop in Swaziland that provides an array of technical and retail solutions, for domestic and industrial use.


Products/services offered range from bottled water sales, dispenser leasing and water tanker services. Through Kunene’s leadership the organization has strived to provide innovative water products to meet customer requirements and adhere to international environmental laws. One such product is the very popular Alkaline Water Product.

Alkaline water is water that is less acidic and rich in alkalizing compounds. The product not only provides relief from the prevailing climate and weather conditions but also provides users an array of health benefits and has the added benefits of being distributed in an environmentally friendly glass bottles and being a product for all ages.



It means so many special things to me, it is so hard to single out one or two. All in all being a Swazi and living in this wonderful nation is a great blessing. I am honoured to also have a chance to play a meaningful role in the socio-economic development of the nation through my business. I am also pleased with the chance to introduce innovative solutions to the public which have been warmly welcomed and impact their lives in a healthy and positive manner. I love Eswatini.




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